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There’s so much we don’t know about the body’s capacity for sexual pleasure: But fortunately, the search for ever more ways to enjoy our bodies is a pretty enjoyable one.At their best, one-night stands can be exciting, liberating, and intimate, all in one go.Both of these paths are equally valid (and offer exciting new options for anyone who wasn’t all that into vibration in the first place).More than the specifics of either of these products, it’s that expanded understanding of female sexuality, with its support and appreciation for a diverse range of experiences, that’s truly exciting. As Amrich explains, the Womanizer and the Fiera “are the culmination of work by feminists..women wanting to embrace their own sexuality.” Decades ago, the sex toy space was largely controlled by men.

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Though vibrators are hardly the only pleasure product on offer — dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, masturbation sleeves, and kink toys routinely line the aisles of sex toy shops around the country — they’ve managed to take a dominant position in the erotic imagination of Americans.To the extent that vibration has been able to exert dominance in the sex toy arena, it’s mostly because it was one of the first mechanized modes of sexual stimulation to gain a foothold in our culture — and once it established itself, it seems no one felt the need to come up with anything different.“There hasn’t been a lot of creativity [in the sex toy space],” Coyote Amrich, purchasing manager for San Francisco-based sex toy shop Good Vibrations, tells Refinery29. Vibration has brought pleasure to millions of people over the years; as long as sex toy manufacturers have been able to cash in on that, there’s been little motivation to innovate or explore other options.In a move designed to mimic the mechanics of oral sex, the toy sucks and releases, stimulating the nerve endings and creating a sensation the company refers to as “pleasure air.” Ryan Poirier, vice president of Epi24 USA LLC (Womanizer’s U. distributor), tells Refinery29 that the Womanizer is “the only product on the market that actually accesses that pleasure center in legs of the clitoris” (turns out, the clitoris isn’t just the little nub you can see — it has nerve-filled “legs” that extend into the body and wrap around the vagina).And the two wildly different experiences provided by these products may be the most novel aspect of all. multi-speed — but they tend to offer a fairly uniform vision of sexual pleasure.

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