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All I did was offer the hand of friendship to someone within a reasonable distance from me and it gets thrown back in my face.Don't forget I can't drive either for medical reasons so have to rely on public transport. People are not obliged to come but are made very welcome but if this is all you get thrown back in your face I really don't know why I bother.To just immediately double block ,then hide a profile isnt the way to clear the air or be allowed to apologise and or sort things out either.Actually I endure organizing them because we tend to be in a meet free zone up here.To quote an old cliche, "Least said soonest mended". I don't think you can be that quiet and shy if, as a newbie, you really did jump in with both feet and organise a meet ...from someone who'd probably throw up with nerves before simply attending a meet.The reason why I'm doing it is that I've promised to put something on for people and I very rarely go back on promises.I will probably be shattered before I even start but when I make a promise I try and keep to it. To me, your opening post doesn't sound like you're just making a point about the system.

What happened to the friendly welcome and best wishes to get to know the workings of these message boards and get settled in???The website encourages seniors to find [read review] Our Time serves to be one of the most popular and successful dating sites for singles over 50.Our Time provides seniors with the opportunity to seek a date, a life-long partner, or even a friend that they have continuously [read review] Senior People Meet is a popular dating website aimed for people who are aged 50 or above.As for organising meets,well done to anyone who does ..some older posters don't realize how hurtful they were when you are unaware and can't respond and all you could do was call them. I will treat all posters equally even if they have been here since the dawn of technology.SQL Of course you can know about blocking if you have only observed and never posted. Ok I missed out a couple of words but boy wernt they seized on, but I hasten to add it was three long standing members that pm'd me and asked several questions and were very very sweet and gave me a few tips... As Orson wrote on the thread in question .."even with the plainest language employed, one can still be misunderstood" It seems the dear lady concerned was perhaps a little unwise to take exception to what she read...however as others have alluded to here, one is at the tender mercies of those who interpret posts in their own way, sometimes taking action which others feel is inappropriate, but makes perfect sense to "them" Such is the nature of life on occasion, even this tiny internet one. I am someone who doesn't attend any meets and certainly has no intention of starting one up at the moment , but sometime in the future that may well change. I can be thick skinned , and sometimes just thick , but certain people and comments could certainly put me off proceeding any further.

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