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Viktoria advises wearing your hair in a middle part with a crown to frame the face, but said she also always tells her clients to check the weather for that day.'Melbourne can be unpredictable and you do need to plan your head around the world,' she said.'If it is rainy or windy, maybe a loose pony in the back, which is sleek and timeless.

Hair is not one style fits all when it comes to headwear, and the milliners have revealed the best 'do's for their looks.If you're sticking to hats, Kim recommends pulling hair back to the nape of the neck in a low ponytail or chignon.'When people think of hats, they'll think of someone like Audrey Hepburn,' she said.'I'm using chain and sourcing vintage crystals from all over the world to create more art pieces.''I want to treat what you're wearing on your head as an art piece, rather than just a headpiece.' Neil Grigg is still giving the racing world fascinators, although he has also drawn inspiration from the crown movement's sparkle.This season the Sydney milliner is using more crystals and diamante to give his pieces a lift, as well as feathers and vintage fabrics.

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