Gossip girl 4x09 online dating

Chuck moves back to the upper east side for a new movie which Blair is also in. (This is based on the Tv show NOT the book)Chuck and Blair. "In optics, an aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels.

In photography, if an aperture is narrow, then highly collimated rays are admitted, resulting in a sharp focus." A series of oneshots covering the photographs of Henry seen in the Bass townhouse. I love any constructive criticism/An in-depth look at Troian and Keegan's thoughts and interactions during the filming of 3x24. Title based off The Civil Wars song by the same name."I have gone away for quite some time.

But she has never been normal, and her life is not normal. Your body, your heart; they never forget, not when you truly love them.”His eyes darken with lust as he takes her in – heaving chest, disheveled curls, trembling legs. “God, I love you,” he chokes out, and this time there’s no counting, only truth. CB, as always.-takes place after 3x07- "'Now either make me kiss a girl already, or let's move on.' I believe that was exactly what you said before. C/B multi-chapter."You've never even tried red yet Waldorf. Because she needs to find out who she wants, whether it's Chuck or Nate. Spending the evening chasing Emma with Chuck and Blair showed just how much the two cared for each other.

I take your word for it, and I've come to collect." Chuck takes up Blair on her haphazard declaration. Blair returns from France 2months later, knowing what she wants: Chuck Bass. What happens when Serena tries to give them a little nudge toward each other? Chuck/Blair Everyone wants a piece of a Bass, and C is being hit from all sides.

AU frm 1.6I've had some requests for some Troian/Keegan fics, so heres a fluffy one-shot.

She always thought her husband would be the one with the in-law problem. Keegan and Troian give in to what had always been boiling under the surface over the past few years.

Just a Fluffy story That takes place seven months into Chuck and Blair's marriage. I don't want to leave any spoilers, so you'll jut have to read it to see what it's all about. This by no means reflects the true feelings of Troian or Keegan and no disrespect meant, all clearly a work of fiction. Please don't worry about me." What if Chuck had chosen to go to Russia and had landed there safely?

He made a deal with the devil to protect his loved ones, but would he later find out it was the wrong choice?

Set near the end of 4x18 - The Kids Stay in the Picture.

Chuck and Nate have a falling out due to Carter's scam, and Blair's now in the outs with Nate as well.

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