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When I was home on leave a friend had his girlfriend set me up with her on a blind date.When I first laid my eyes on her I knew this tall nicely proportioned red headed girl was THE ONE!My tormented mind and soul found out the third night we were on Oahu.While we were getting dressed for the evening, she kissed me and told me that she thought tonight would be a good night for “shopping.” My heart leaped into my mouth.

Our love for each other had kept us true, faithful.At the end of our date I told her I was going to marry her.She thought I was just playing a line, she had heard about sailors and their girls in every port reputation.Now that the children were grown, she wanted to see what she had missed.She told me it had been a long held fantasy of many years and it was only fair. I was not pleased with this to say the least but after much argument/discussion she wrangled a promise out of me to go along with her desires, after all, her logic went, “whats good for the gander is good for the goose!

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