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Freemasonry was far from the only lofty-sounding organization that talked about equality while strictly enforcing a color barrier.

Countless other fraternal groups had their own parallel black and white counterparts that operated without any acknowledgement between each other.

a rumor snowballed into a controversy, widely claiming that sometime between 19, then Grand Master Benjamin Barksdale of the MWPHGL of Georgia made Dr. a Mason "at sight" posthumously.“There is one local Masonic legend that claims that Dr. Most wound up dejectedly admitting that grand masters will do whatever they intend to do, like it or not, and if their own members of their grand lodge don't fix problems left in their wake, all the carping in the world isn't going to change anything. Lawrence Carter officially founded the 'Gandhi King Ikeda Hassan Institute for Ethics and Reconciliation.' That Sunday was the 40th anniversary of the Atlanta Civil Rights Movement and the inaugural celebration of the 'Season of Nonviolence' in 1960.

Among the dignitaries assembled there that day were then Grand Master Barksdale, Mrs.

Masons worked to improve their surrounding towns and villages.

Within 30 years Freemasonry spread across Europe and into the colonies.If you have any question just how popular fraternalism was in the black community in the 20th century, consider that by 1945, along with the Masons and the Odd Fellows (who had their own enormous theater and auditorium building), there were twenty-five other fraternal groups also located on Auburn Avenue. was not a Mason during his lifetime, but both his father and his grandfather were Prince Hall Masons. King to become a Freemason upon his return to Atlanta that year. King a Mason when he came back from the Sanitation Strike in Memphis; but as fate would have it, Dr. However, in 1999, Grand Master Benjamin Barksdale gave him a posthumous honor by declaring him a member of the Craft and presenting it to his widow, Coretta Scott King, at a Morehouse celebration for our Civil Rights icon.” Masons all over the world went collectively hysterical, and railed that no grand master could constitutionally confer the degrees of Masonry on a dead man.King's assassination in Memphis on April 4th of 1968 had abruptly prevented that event from happening. Conflicting definitions of making Masons "at sight" got trotted out and endlessly flogged over jurisdictional differences, along with the usual sagely chin wagging and general air bending.Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthplace in Atlanta to officially become a national historical park, making it the first such park in Georgia.(It's currently just designated as a national historic site, and this changes its status and importance within the National Park Service system.) The site is established "to preserve, protect, and interpret for the benefit, inspiration, and education of present and future generations, the places where Martin Luther King, Jr.

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