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As if his relationship with Raine was not complicated enough, the terrible truth Maxwell was never able to reconcile or forget was that it was she who had lost his beloved otter while out on a walk, when it was clubbed to death by a roadworker.‘Mij meant more to me than most human beings of my acquaintance,’ he wrote, and later, ‘I knew that Mij trusted me more utterly than did any of my own kind, and so supplied a need we are slow to admit.’ Raine’s view was that Maxwell was a lonely man who craved love, and all that love had been bestowed upon Mijbil.In his autobiography of childhood, The House of Elrig (1956), Maxwell describes a continuous succession of similarly tweed-clad, brogue-wearing, pipe-smoking, mustachioed spinster aunts, all passing through the remote moorland house toting fishing rods and shotguns.While his childhood was not unhappy, Maxwell regularly escaped into the wildness of the Galloway coast and into a rapidly developing love of nature and animals – a passion that would establish a deep and private sanctuary to which he would return over and over again, eventually shaping the entire course of his life.He was also an intellectual, an extremely talented writer, portrait painter, published poet, occasional racing driver, wartime secret agent, shark-hunter, adventurer and by the end of his life an ardent conservationist.These kaleidoscopic talents would be complicated by his homosexuality, an ambivalent persuasion he strove to conceal (it wasn’t decriminalised in Scotland until 1980, 11 years after his death), although his journey to decipher his sexuality had embroiled him in several clumsy affairs with women and even a short-lived marriage.

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This is something that bewildered and embittered me for many years.’ So saying she entered an emotional wilderness from which she never fully emerged.’ In Celtic mythology rowan trees possess magical properties, traditionally planted to ward off evil spirits.Maxwell took it to be a curse and called her a witch.Maxwell quotes the poem in full as an epigraph to his famous book, but allows only a formal publisher’s acknowledgement to its author, nothing on the page; nor, although she had played a critical role in the otter narrative, does he make any mention of her in the book.This wasn’t an attempt to claim the poem as his own, but deliberately to transpose its true meaning from Raine’s unrequited love for him into his own plainly stated adoration of the otter, Mijbil, by which he said he was ‘otterly enthralled’. By the time he had written Ring, Maxwell and Raine had fallen out badly.

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