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I've taken at least two of the pics of the convos I was having and found the profile pics were from a porn website. What women won't take the time to tell you about them. So I did a test with my sister and had her sign up as a worker for this site!! Especially if she's actually interested in a hookup. I'm also interested in pursuing or joining a class action against these crooks, for wasting my money, and especially my time.I grabbed the pics the person used and the others that showed the porn star in action and sent them to the person I was talking to and letting them know they are a liar and karma will find them. Hard to do in this country as they want to hire out of country girls!! Concur, short email "replies" are robotic and ingongrous with the profile posted or the topic/question.(spread the word.) Oh, they also fabricate "composite" women who don't even exist, different photos that aren't all of the same woman, photos from different women from other web sites, etc. Supposedly "the top site to get laid", their employees must be the ones that coined that phrase, I haven't really heard much of anything from a single member.I'd already had my suspicions it was a load of bologna from the one-line messages I get.And unfortunately, even though the sign up says they are “100% free” only some of their website’s features are available to free users.In order to fully utilize the site, you must upgrade to a paid membership.ALWAYS they will reply with one liners like, 'Can't we chat here for a bit first.' The replies are from paid staff on the xpress payroll. Bottom line, it's another one of those sites that pray on the lonely guy. If you want to test it out, go for it, sign up, but pay nothing.

That is because it is certainly paid people, so they actually answer you something that has somewhat something to do with what you've said or answered. Every day you will get a date request, or an email from a ''local'' hottie who wants to meet and do you. You, as a male member, are ONLY allowed ONE reply to each person who messages you.I've seen very little to convince me it's nothing more than a site aimed for sucking as much money as it can from you. localised language/phrases - mentioning shopping 'malls' (don't use that phrase in UK) and other obvious language. And another great way - google image search their profile pic.Amazing what comes up (use firebug in firefox to get the source of the image, or inspect in chrome) oh, and the 'best rated site' reviews are fake too.For example, I had put no pictures but filled my profile with a lot of info, so some girls contacted me asking for some pictures... Do not waste nor any minute of your time nor money on this vicious and annoying website crap. So, you are smart about it and reply with your email or mobile phone number and ask them to continue the conversation via those means, even informing them that guys only get one email, and this one is it.ALWAYS they will not read that and ask for you to reply again. The END GOAL of this site is to get you to PAY to be a member so you can continuously be lead on via email from ''local hotties'' who will never meet you.

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